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If you're reading this, it probably means you find me at least mildly interesting, so there is no reason for me to try to impress you with a wildly original and intriguing self-description.
Yup, that's my reason. I'm not lazy, I'm avoiding redundacy.
a softer world, alice in wonderland, alpha workshop, anime, artificial intelligence, basements, bathroom graffiti, being nerdy, being pretentious hacks, being thrifty, books, boys in eyeliner, buffy the vampire slayer, chronicles of narnia, chuck palahniuk, clapping for movies, clockwork orange, clone high, comic books, comics, computers, corsets, crossdressing, cult movies, david bowie, david mack, day-dreaming, discussing impossible scientific things, donnie darko, dystopian literature, eddie izzard, elves, faeries, fairytales, fantasy, farseer, feminism, fighting scurvy, fishnet stockings, free movies, fucking, gender issues, graphic novels, halloween, harry and the potters, harry potter, invader zim, irony, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, kabuki, kurt vonnegut, lewis carroll, libraries, life in the fishbowl, literature, lockpick pornography, lord of the rings, love, monty python, moulin rouge, mythology, naming furniture, nanowrimo, national novel writing month, neil gaiman, oscar wilde, peace jams, phillip pullman, pie, pirates, playing cards, princess mononoke, programming, ranting, reading, rocky horror picture show, rpgs, science fiction, sexual perversion, sexuality, shakespeare, smartass remarks, snailmail, spontaneously bursting into song, squee, stanley kubric, strangers in paradise, swords, taking pictures, thinking too little, thinking too much, tim burton, trigun, vampires, vintage clothing, vodka, walking places, weird movies, werewolves, wings, winnipeg folk festival, wonder woman, writing, writing stories, yard sales, zippers